Advance Blinds Components first opened its doors in late 2008 with the vision to supply the awning industry with locally made and imported parts. 

Our first goal was to step into the market with a few small components for the automatic and fixed guide awnings, soon after we introduced our full range covering all the traditional awnings, motorised and geared parts. Advance has made its reputation supplying on time every time and at very competitive prices. Our biggest selling items at the beginning were our springs, guides, arms/brackets and all geared parts.

A year later we built and finished our first roll forming machine which produced the standard under roll hood, this was a great success and had huge interest almost immediately after releasing this product. Soon after we released all the hood ends to suit which are all now produced in zinc steel and powder coated here in Melbourne by a reputable company. Our next project to get up and running was our 50mm tube and 5 sided bottom rail roll forming machines and after some time modifying and adjusting these machines we now have two excellent and consistent products.

In mid 2015 we built and finished our over roll hood, 63mm and the 78mm keyway tube roll formers. All our roll formers are located in Tullamarine Victoria and are by far the biggest, best quality and newest machines in the country. Our keyway tube roll formers are state of the art, fully automated and produce excellent consistent products.

We are the first manufacturer of the 78mm keyway tube in Australia

We have now set benchmarks in the industry for quality, strength and service. We have now become one of the largest Roll formers in awning components in Australia and we are constantly introducing and improving our range as the industry requires.

For all Victorian customers we have our own delivery vehicles/truck

And for interstate customers we work closely with transport companies who can offer door to door services for smaller goods or larger freight with stillage deliveries.

Please look through our products covering traditional awnings, motorised and geared components including all our roll formed products.

For any enquiries please don’t hesitate to contact us directly or our sales team at